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The Guoqing For wins North Korea Yaqing Sai mention gas cuts will be sidelined for combat effectiveness

This evening, the National Youth team will usher in the Four Nations final game, the opponent is considered the most reference value of the Korean team. In the first two rounds, the Chinese team draws and one defeat, the Korean team returned two games are negative. Compared with Mexico , France , the Korean team seems to be weaker. This war are all the more important because Yaqing Sai November, China will play against South Korea. At the moment, they can look for from the Korean team who feel. cheap jerseys for sale


Against Mexico the day before yesterday, the National Youth Team tragically after blasting, lost four balls in the first half, halftime, coach Rick Link furious, chastising the players: “It is a great shame, and I all the people in the scene are ashamed because your performance. things后里克林克explained, angry because the players did not play his arrangements, which made him very angry. This National Youth Team is certainly not to be optimistic, but a 5:1 victory over their Mexican team is really strong. Rick Link said, the lineup of the Mexican team, players have seven world less champion, lost to their teams, to better reflect the gap between us. See the gaps, but also to close the gap, people lack confidence in this regard, the National Youth Team. Rick Link is also very clear, he said, the first battle to shake hands with the French team, a lot of people are satisfied with the results, but he did not think so, “I was not very satisfied with the team as a whole only Liu Binbin ,and Wuxing Han performance I am satisfied, “said Rick Link, ideologically and tactically, the National Youth Team ready. Just the body and physical fitness of the players will be influence by the league, which he could not control. Right now is able to control with the Korean team’s game tonight. Greentown, Luneng 4 players have left, the National Youth squad have to be adjusted. 4 people, Ke Shi, Chen mid-stream and Wang Tong starting the first two games, their absence is bound to make the National Youth fighting power has been cut. However, the National Youth Team still want to win, Yaqing Sai boost morale for the upcoming. The Korean team’s style is similar to South Korea as the imaginary enemy. Out of attention, Rick Linke very carefully watching the Korean team game and that will be out to win this game. Afternoon, France and Mexico, the two teams battle for the title will be started early. nike nfl jerseys wholesale

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